Eating with Kids at Acadia


Eating with Kids at Acadia

Acadia University in Wolfville has a lot to offer for families from great athletic to music programs. But, have you ever thought about taking your kids there to eat?

There are two ways to eat with your kids at Acadia.


Nutrition Department

Students in the Management in Dietetics course in the School of Nutrition and Dietetics are required to put on a large-scale dinner. This happens on Wednesday and Friday evenings at 5:30 on the 4th floor of Huggins Science Hall on University Avenue.


One of the science labs is turned into a full-scale dining hall.


Each week, students in the course take on different duties from planning the menu, cooking, serving and pot washing.

The general public benefits as we get to go and have a 3-course delicious meal out while helping the students learn!


My husband and I have gone to these dinners for years, or I’ve gone as a girls’ night out with my friends. This time we thought we would take the boys! We will definitely be taking them again.


Here’s how it works.
First you need to sign up to be on the email list. A few days in advance, the menu is sent around (it’s completely different each time). Then, you email back to say how many tickets you want. Do NOT hesitate, because they go very quickly!
Email to be added to the list.

Dinners run from September to November and January to March.

The price is $6.75 for kids; $13.50 for adults
You pay at the door.
It’s worth every penny!



Wheelock Dining Hall

See map

You may think of the dining hall as a place where students in residence go to eat, but think again!

It’s a kid’s paradise.

A buffet style of all you can eat!


This is my boys’ all-time favourite place to go. They love the freedom of choice for their own food, and feeling grown up in amongst all the students. I’ll remind them of this when they are students!

(I won’t mention how old it makes you feel being amongst the students, though!)

There are a wide variety of healthy choices and the boys do well, but it’s hard to resist the all-you-can eat cheeseburgers, nachos, pizza and Fruit Loops!


Anyone from the general public is welcome to eat at Wheelock any time.

Adult cash door prices are
Breakfast $6.90; Lunch $11.50 and Supper $14.60 taxes included;
Children under 12 are half price, and under 2 are free.

During the Academic year, Wheelock is open 7am-9mp Mon-Fri, and 9am-9pm Sat, Sun & holidays. It’s all you can eat at every meal – and really, it is the best deal around (just no one knows about it!)

Outside the academic year – Joe Public is still very welcome, but the prices change at the end of the term in April (they go up – but go down again in September), and they are only open as business requires.

Your best bet, then, is to go between September and April.

Happy Eating!



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