Big Wigs Diner in Canning, NS Eating out with

Eating out with Friends and Family: Big Wigs

Big Wigs Diner in Canning, NS Eating out with

Valley Family Fun is starting a series of posts to feature great local restaurants and cafes to check out to encourage everyone to get out and explore and support our local businesses!

Today’s eating adventure was at Big Wigs Family Diner in Canning!

My friend Lia and I love to take our 90 year old friend, Harold, out for lunch as often as we can. The only stipulation is that it must serve fish and chips! So, today, we thought we would explore Big Wigs!

Big Wigs Diner in Canning, NS Eating out with

“The building is conveniently located across the street from the meat shop, and the meat shop conveniently supplies the diner with an assortment of fresh meats at wholesale costs.” ~ Advertiser

Read more about the Big Wigs business venture in this article by the Advertiser.

I can attest to the delicious freshness of the meat in my sandwich!

We had a great meal and will definitely be back to check out the desserts!

And, thank you to Big Wigs for being a supporter of Campaign for Kids’ Burger Wars!

Big Wigs is located at 9819 Main Street, Canning.



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