Day Trips to Kejimkujik National Park

Day Trips to Kejimkujik National Park


Disclosure: Our family received a day pass to Keji in exchange for this blog post. Would you turn down the opportunity to spend the day at Keji? All opinions are our own.

One of our favourite fall adventures is to spend a day at Kejimkujik National Park. We have gone every year for the past several years and plan to continue doing so every year!

As a child, we spent a lot of time camping at Keji. A few years ago, a group of families rented the OTENTiks for a different experience.


These OTENTiks are like mini cottages with beds and a table inside, so you just need to bring your own cooking gear.

Most of the time, though, because Keji is so close to the Valley, we end up going down for a day trip, and the fall is our favourite time.

In the fall, you get to see Keji full of majestic colours with the changing leaves. There are also far fewer people there, so it is so quiet and peaceful!


When you go to Keji for a day trip, there is so much you can do!

Rent a Canoe

Canoe rentals are available into the fall, and should be booked in advance to avoid disappointment and to find out their rental season.

It’s wonderful to see Keji from the stillness of the lake.


Take a Hike

There are so many great hikes in Keji, that it is impossible to do them all in a day. Study the map and pick your favourites and decide how many kilometers you think your family can hike in a day. Each time we go, we hike a little bit more and try new trails.

This year we hiked Beech Grove (2.2km).


This takes you right around by Mill Falls.


We hiked Snake Lake and Peter’s Point together (6km)


And true to it’s word, we found a snake!


It was pretty chilly, but the boys still went swimming!


We have also hiked Gold Mines (3km)


And Grafton Woods (1.6km)


One of our favourite spots to stop is the observation tower along the main road.


Or a quiet space to enjoy a peaceful afternoon.


Xplorers Kit

While at Keji, be sure to stop in to the information centre near the park entrance and sign up for the Xplorers Program. If kids complete so many activities in the book, they will get a prize. Thomas has been collecting these from across the province and loves the program!


Visiting in the Winter

Once the campground closes on October 30, you can still drive on the paved roads to access many areas of the park to hike.

Unpaved roads will be gated off to vehicles.

Just note that there is no winter maintenance / snow removal in the winter so accessibility is limited and weather dependent.


Hours and Admission

The campground is open roughly between Victoria Day and Thanksgiving.

Visitor information shuts down at the end of October and reopens in May.


If you are looking for a great way to spend a day with your family in spring, summer or fall, consider taking a day trip to Keji! You will be awfully glad you did!


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