Dartmouth Sportsplex

Dartmouth Sportsplex is Family Fun!

**PLEASE NOTE: Closed for Renovations end of May 2017 to Fall 2018**


I had heard of the Dartmouth Sportsplex, but had never been before. So, this Christmas break our family decided to check it out!


According to the website, the Dartmouth Sportsplex is an indoor sports and community centre in Dartmouth. It houses an arena, two swimming pools with water slides, and other fitness, leisure and events facilities.

Wow! It is impressive!


On this trip, we checked out the swimming pool because we had heard about the Pirate’s Cove.

The Pirate’s Cove is a section of the pool that is in the shape of a pirate ship! It has 3 water slides leading off it, and is it ever fun!


To ride the slides at Pirate’s Cove you have to be 48” tall and be able to swim a length of the pool. They did not test the kids while they were there, but they are strong swimmers, so we weren’t worried.

At the bottom of the slides, there is quite a bit of a current, so you really do need to be able to swim well. Parents are not allowed to catch children at the bottom, but can wait on the sidelines to help them out if need be.

There are three different coloured slides in Pirate’s Cove: yellow, red and green. At the bottom of the yellow slide, you fly off the end, while the green slide has a big drop into the pool.


Separate from Pirate’s Cove is a blue waterslide that curves around and then has a big drop. The kids loved the slides! This is open even when the Pirate’s Cove is not.


It wasn’t my cup of tea, as I don’t like my head being under water, but I challenged myself and took a ride on each slide! But once was enough for me!

The boys, however, kept going for the entire swimming session!

Also in the pool area is a swinging rope. Jump on, swing to the middle of the pool and let go!


There is also a hot tub and a smaller very warm, shallow pool that is great for smaller kids.


The Pirate’s Cove is only open certain hours, and you need to check ahead before going. If you’re just going the once, it’s worth going when it’s open so you get the full spectrum of activities!


The Dartmouth Sportsplex is located at 110 Wyse Road in Dartmouth. This is literally at the entrance to the MacDonald Bridge and across from the Holiday Inn Harbourfront.

Just follow the signs for the MacDonald Bridge, and you can’t miss it!

Getting In

The Dartmouth Sportsplex is a bit of maze. It is surrounded by a one-way street and many lanes of traffic!

There are several doors to get in. It doesn’t matter which one you take. We went in the door off the parking lot


head down the stairs and follow the blue line to the pool.


Alternatively, if you go in the door facing the Holiday Inn, you will be right there!


Basic Swim Prices

Children $6.00+ $2.00 = $8.00
Adults $6.25 + $2.00 = $8.25
Seniors $5.00 +$2.00) = $7.00
Family $14.00 +2.00/person max. of $6.00 = $20

To see when the Pirate’s Cove is open, check the website

Full swim schedule

If you are looking for a fun family time in the city, head to the Dartmouth Sportsplex.


Stay at the Harbourview Holiday Inn

To make it even more of an adventure, try staying at the Holiday Inn Harbourview in Dartmouth, right across the street from the Sportsplex!
Besides kids 12 and under eating free in the hotel restaurant, you get a free pass to the Dartmouth Sportsplex upon checking in! This however, does not include the Pirate’s Cove waterslides, but gives you the rest of the access to the facility!

All the more reason for lots of family fun!



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