Dakeyne Farm Sunflower Maze

Dakeyne Farm Sunflower Maze

SunflowerMazeDisclosure: Our family received a family pass to the sunflower maze so we could write our report. All opinions are our own.

Get Lost and Find Yourself in a field of sunflowers. What could be better than this?


Spend the afternoon wandering around a maze made completely of sunflowers!


Here’s what the website says

Welcome to Nova Scotia’s Sunflower Maze!

Join us for a stroll through our field of Sunflowers and enjoy a beautiful view of the Avon River and it’s surrounding area.


When you Go

When you arrive at Dakeyene Farm, you will be given a map of the sunflower maze. Each year, the maze is a different shape. This year, it was a caterpillar!

Dakeyne Sunflower Maze with www.Valleyfamilyfun.ca

As you wander the maze, there are a series of 10 questions that you can answer. Throughout the maze, there are poles with the answers to the questions on them.

Dakeyne Sunflower Maze with www.Valleyfamilyfun.ca

Walk around the maze until you have discovered all the answers to the questions!

There is also a great observation tower, sometimes in the middle of the maze, that offers a great view.


It took us about 1.5 hours to complete the maze and to wander and enjoy the view.


It is very hot in the sunflower maze and there is no shade. Wear sunscreen, and definitely bring a hat. We saw a few people go in with umbrellas! They were thinking ahead!

Go later in the day when it isn’t so hot. They are open every Sunny day during the month of August from 10-7.


Wear good footwear. The maze is on the side of a slight hill and is a farm field. There are ruts and rocks. Dress properly. Strollers would not be easy to push.

Go several times in the season. If you can, it would be nice to go several times to see how the flowers grow and change throughout the season. last year, we went before any major rain, so the flowers hadn’t yet opened or grown very tall, but it was still just as fun!


Dakeyne Sunflower Maze with www.Valleyfamilyfun.ca

Other Amenities

On site, there is a picnic area, including a section that is shaded.

The kids loved flying the kites, too!


There is also frisbee golf

Dakeyne Sunflower Maze with www.Valleyfamilyfun.ca

and soccer croquet that come with admission.

Dakeyne Sunflower Maze with www.Valleyfamilyfun.ca

And, you are never too old to play in the sand pit!

Dakeyne Sunflower Maze with www.Valleyfamilyfun.ca

Admission and Hours


The Dakeyne Sunflower Maze is open every sunny day in August from 10am-7pm.

Adult – $10

Child (4-12)  – $5

Under 3 – Free

Seniors – $5



Dakeyne Farm is located about three miles from Windsor, Nova Scotia, down the beautiful winding secondary road, Highway 1.

Take exit 8 off  Highway 101. At the end of the long off-ramp, turn right towards Mount Denson.


Here, you will also see a sign pointing towards the sunflower maze.

It is located at 1137 Highway 1, Mount Denson, Nova Scotia.


If you want a fun, unique way to spend some time with your family, and support our local farm entrepreneurs, check out the Dakeyene Sunflower Maze in Mount Denson!

Dakeyne Sunflower Maze with www.Valleyfamilyfun.ca


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