Christmas Light Bingo

Christmas Lights Bingo!

One of our favourite family activities to do during the holidays is to go out and play Bingo with the Christmas decorations in our neighbourhood! The first year, we surprised the kids at bedtime. On their bed, we put a train ticket for a magic ride. IMG_0835 My husband dressed as the conductor and we loaded them into the car with their PJs. IMG_0837 When the kids are in the car we give them each a clipboard, a marker, and a Bingo sheet.   We made up Bingo sheets that have a variety of things you would find amongst the decorations. Each sheet has the items in different squares – so everyone doesn’t have the same Bingo card.


Download the Bingo Sheets HERE.


Then, we drive around the neighbourhood checking off each item on the Bingo sheet as we go. We go for total blackout (all squares) so there is no real winner. It’s the hunt that’s so fun! The Christmas music is blaring. And no trip is complete without a stop at Tim Hortons! IMG_0836 VARIATION: I have a friend who does this same game but with Halloween decorations!


Have a fun family night!  


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