Chocolate Mice


Chocolate Mice

These chocolate mice are so easy to make and look so cute on a platter of mixed sweets. Here’s how to make them.



Hershey Kisses
Chocolate Chips
Milk or Cream
Cocktail cherries with stems
Almond slivers

Put chocolate chips in a microwave-safe dish.
Add approximately 1 Tbsp of milk or coffee cream (or Baileys or Kahlua would work, too!)
Melt in the microwave. Make sure the mixture is not too runny.


Dry a cherry on a piece of paper towel. If the cherry is wet, the chocolate won’t stick.


Dip the cherry in chocolate until covered.

Put an unwrapped Hershey’s Kiss end to end with the chocolate-covered cherry.
In the gap between the cherry and the Kiss, place 2 slivered almonds to look like ears.
Place on a lined baking sheet to harden.




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