Castle Frederick Trails

Castle Frederick Trails, Falmouth


The Castle Frederick Trails in Falmouth have been on my bucket list for a long time. They are privately owned, but the trails are open to the public.



Castle Frederick is farmed today by the Bremner family. They are the eighth generation from the original land owner, Colonel Joseph Frederick Wallet.

According to Erin, one of the current owners, “our ancestor who originally was granted the land in 1763 wanted to impress his family back in England so he named the estate Castle Frederick”.

Joseph Frederick Wallet DesBarres owned a lot of land in NS and NB and this was his home base when in Canada, he was a cartographer and worked on his mapping. He had an observatory at the farm as well.
He’s a really interesting character, and you can learn more about him here.

The Trails

There are approximately 10km of trail/woods roads at Castle Frederick. There will likely be some very wet areas so be sure to wear appropriate foot wear.

There are several Acadian sites on the property that are protected under the Archaeological Land Trust of NS Stewardship Agreement.

Before you go, have a look at the map and plot out a route.

CastleFrederick Map

By looking at the map, we weren’t sure about the distances or how long it would take us to walk with the boys, so we contacted the Farm directly (through Facebook) and got them to help us plot a route. They were more than happy to oblige!

I asked for a route that was approximately 1 hour and about 3km and it was exactly bang on!

This is the route we took, and it covered all the important historic points.

I would recommend printing off these directions, or having it available on your phone, as the directions are perfect.

The Loop (3km, 1hr)

If you start at parking/trail head, enter trail and on the left you will see “smith road trail” sign.


Take that trail and stay on it until you reach the dirt woods road.


This is an uphill climb that will really make your butt love you. It’s not bad really, and it’s a beautiful trail with lots of hemlock and pine.


When you get to the dirt road (Lawrence rd)


go right and head downhill until you see “Holy Well Trail” on your right.


This will take you downhill to the “cross trail Cafe” where you can have a picnic or snack/rest stop.


Feel free to make a little fire if you’d like, there’s a grate for a cookout. All the supplies are there for lighting a fire, too!


Head downhill again on Holy Well Trail and the well is on the left if you’d like to visit. This well dates back to Acadian times and was used with the Acadian chapel.


It has also been the main farm house water supply since 1800.


After visiting the well keep following the holy well trail downhill. It will take you all the way back to the trail head.
There are wet spots towards bottom and there are detours marked with yellow reflective trail markers.

You will also come to the Acadian chapel site with a bench for a rest.


The detour trail actually makes a left just after the bench (to keep you out of a very wet spot). Keep looking for the reflective markers.

The trail has been well used in this area and just keep heading down to trailhead and Boardwalk.
This loop is roughly an hour with a short break.
Hope you enjoy!
If you have more time (like 3 hours) Erin highly recommended the hike to eagle ridge. It is really pretty along the Southwest branch of Avon River. Picnic spots and private campsites are available.

CastleFrederick Map



At the trail head there is a picnic table and restroom/outhouse.


At the Cross Café, as mentioned before, there is a place to stop and have a cook out.

To help pay for the upkeep of the trails, there is a black donation box at the trail head. They would like to collect $3.50 per visitor or a lump sum for larger groups.


These trails are not stroller friendly. They are dog friendly. Keep dogs on a leash as there are many wild animals in the woods.

Cabin Rental

It’s $100/night on weekends and $75/night weekdays. Multiple nights can get a discount. Contact them for further details.
Bring your own bedding and food, everything else is there.

You can drive to the cabin, but lots of people get us to take their stuff up for them so they can hike up from the trailhead, about 45mins. Feels like more of an adventure (without the weight of gear).


Google Map
Castle Frederick is located on the back roads of Falmouth. It is difficult to give proper directions, because it depends on which way you come! So, look at this map to determine your driving route.

Drive down the Castle Frederick Road, virtually to the end. From the main road, you will see a grassy area off to the right. The trails starts there.


A visit to Castle Frederick is a great way to spend a day. I know our family will be going back and taking others with us!



Although all attempts are made to ensure the integrity and accurateness of the information provided, it is possible that this post could include errors. Information may be changed or updated without notice. Please use common sense when enjoying the outdoors and be prepared for the weather conditions. Please obey posted signs. Cyclists yield the trail. Do not spook animals. Leave no trace, pack out what you pack in.

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