Card Boxes

How to Make Boxes From old Greeting Cards

Wondering what to do with your Christmas cards at the end of the season? Want a fun use for those birthday cards or greeting cards? Try making these boxes – perfect for wrapping presents or for storing little trinkets. My 8 year old son could easily make these, while my 6 year old needed some help to make his. Start with a card. IMG_7708 Rip the card in half so you have two pieces. (If you are just using the fronts of the cards, then find two cards that are the same size, or cut them so they are the same size) Fold each of the 4 sides in about ¼ inch. IMG_7711 IMG_7712 By making these folds, a square will occur in each corner. Along the short end of the card, cut along the fold to where the two fold lines intersect.  IMG_7714 Do this 4 times – one on each corner. IMG_7713 Fold the tabs inward to create the edge of the box. IMG_7717 Tape (or staple) in place. Do this for each corner until you have the box top made. IMG_7718 Do the same steps to make the bottom of the box. However, make the folds slightly bigger so the bottom will be slightly smaller than the top and fit inside. IMG_7721 This might take some trial and error to make them fit together just right. IMG_7719


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