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Spryfield Wave Pool

We were in Halifax for the day so decided to try out the Captain William Spry Community Centre in Spryfield.


I had heard a lot about it from my teenaged friends, and couldn’t wait to take the boys there.


Hours, Location and Cost

Before going I checked the schedule online. I find it hard to find on their website, so here’s a link.

We wanted to make sure we were there when the wave pool was turned on, and the kids could experience everything!

The Community Centre is easy to get to. It is located in Spryfield, about 10 minutes from Bayers Lake. Directions are on the website.

A family pass for the afternoon was only $9, making it an affordable afternoon!

Swimming hours here


The Spryfield pool has everything. It is a paradise for kids young and old – not to mention adults.

The pool is divided into several sections and it is fully covered by lifeguards at all points. Before each swim time, swimmers gather at the end of the room and the lifeguards review the rules before anyone gets in the water.


At the front the pool gradually deepens making it the perfect place for toddlers and infants.


There are a wide array of foam toys and slides for the kids to play with in this section.


At the back, the pool gradually deepens, reaching a maximum depth of only 6 feet.
There is a small waterslide that gives a big splash at the end – still making it fun!


There is every kind of floating foam boat toy and inner tubes. There is no shortage of fun things to play with.

At one end of the pool there is a rock climbing wall. Climb the wall and jump in when you’re finished!


The highlight of the afternoon were the waves. Twice during the “wave pool swim time” the big waves were turned on for 15 minutes each. Those older could float around on the inner tubes, while the waves gradually lessened, still making it fun for the toddlers in the shallow area!


It was the perfect place to play!

We loved it so much we ended up staying for both the wave pool time, and the family swim time that immediately followed. More younger kids arrived for the family time, but the waves were turned on in each of the sessions.

Personally, I couldn’t hack the wave part, as it made me feel so sea sick! But, I was happy to get out and take pictures!

If you are in the city, or are looking for a fun family adventure, definitely try the Captain William Spry Community Centre.

It’s the most family fun we’ve had in a long time!

more information

Swimming Hours Here



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