Family friendly festivals

Canadian Family Friendly Summer Festivals

Canadian Family Friendly Summer Festivals

Family friendly festivals

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When summer time comes round, the sun is shining and the birds soothing you with their lullabies, there really is only one thing on every parents mind; gathering up the family, heading out to explore, and making the most of it. But sometimes this is a case of being easier said than done. First an activity or festival must be located that is not only sure to provide a good days worth of entertainment, but is also suitable for the whole family.

Mission impossible right? Not at all. Thankfully Canada has more than a few child friendly summer and music festivals that will put a smile on every member of the family’s face. Take a look at these fantastic summer festivals in Canada that the kids will be begging to attend.

Montreal International Jazz Festival

Is there anything as relaxing and soothing as jazz under a warm summer sun? The Montreal International Jazz festival is an absolute must for families, offering not only a stunning selection of music over a 10 day period, but also a strong focus on getting the little ones involved.

The Musical Park has an interactive display that will enchant and delight, while the Little School of Jazz happily invites children to join in on the musical performances. If you manage to get to one music festival over the summer, put this at the top of your list. You won’t regret it.


Canadian Family Friendly Summer Festivals

Ottawa Bluesfest

As the name suggests, the Ottawa Bluesfest is all about celebrating the blues. There are excellent line-ups at every event, all but guaranteeing a day that won’t soon be forgotten. Be sure to keep in mind, though, that although children are welcome, that the organisers do encourage parents to review the specific shows that they allow their children to attend. It seems that some of the songs might have a bad word or two thrown in.

Hillside Festival

This is another fantastic festival that aims to blow you away with an incredible selection of music. The aim of the festival is to appeal to all ages, styles and cultures, so it is sure to be a veritable potpourri of fun in the sun. Most fantastic is that there is even the adored Rainbow Stage specifically for children, ensuring that everyone is having the time of their life. Add to that the fact that kids under 12 are admitted for free, and you have a superb summer activity that shouldn’t be missed.

Folk On The Rocks

Held in Yellowknife, Folk on the Rocks is an annual festival that lasts for over 24 straight hours. With multiple stages featuring a number of excellent local folk bands, a family can dance and sing themselves silly until the stars literally come up. Yes, there is also an excellent selection of culinary delights, as well as a section dedicated to little ones.

Dawson City Music Festival

Running for 40 straight years, the Dawson City Music Festival is legendary for offering everything that a summer festival should be. A hypnotising selection of all local Canadian bands, food enough for even the hungriest guests, and enough fun and entertainment to keep even the most energetic child occupied. Could anything make it better? Of course! How about free entry for all children under the age of 12?

Calgary Folk Music Festival

Last on the list, but by no means least, the Calgary Folk Music Festival is another excellent option for those who want to laze in the summer sun beside the glittering Bow River, and enjoy some lively tunes. Plus yes you guessed it; free entrance for children under the age of 12.

With all these great family friendly music festivals urging you and the family into the summer sun, there is certainly no excuse to stay at home!

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