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Burnt Out Solutions Candle Review by Valley Family Fun


*I received samples of the product, but all opinions are my own*

A few weeks ago I received a few candles from Burnt Out Solutions. This is a local company based in New Minas who also make Nova Scotia Fisherman Natural Body Care Products.


The hand-poured candles are made from an all-natural biodegradable wax blend. This includes a blend of soy, palm, beeswax and other natural waxes. They do not use paraffin or toxic petroleum by-products. The soy and natural waxes are blended with true oils supporting renewable North American agriculture. Wicks are made of cotton and unbleached paper. Containers can be recycled with food tins.
And, to top all of that, they are local!


One of the great things is that they burn cleanly and completely for 24-hours with great scent dispersal.

I can definitely attest to this. We light Burnt Out Solutions’ candles every night at dinner. There is never any smoke, and the candles burn down evenly – not becoming lopsided, or the wicks flooding like with some other candles.


My personal favourtie is the s’candles Fragrant Collection. What I love is that the candles smell exactly like what they are labelled. For example, I lit the cantaloupe candle and the whole room was fragrant with the smell of fresh melons! Other flavours include Maritime flavours, coffee, jam, and chocolate!


These would make the perfect Mother’s Day or Christmas present for someone!

Burnt Out Solutions can also work with your school or organization to create a fundraising campaign. My kids’ school recently sold candles as a fundraiser for the PTA.


Locally, these candles are available at the warehouse at 15 Jones Road, across from the New Minas RCMP station. Or, visit their website to order on line or to find a location near you.


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