Black Rock Community Trails

Black Rock Community Trails


The Black Rock Community Trails are probably my all-time favourite hiking trails.
They totally appeal to my love of well-maintained trails that are signposted and easy to follow.


Black Rock is on the North mountain above Berwick.
From Brooklyn Street, Route 1 or the 221, follow the Black Rock Road to the top of the mountain.
On your right is the Black Rock Community Centre. The walking trails are behind the community centre.



Knot Maze


Beside the community centre, in the summer, take time to explore the knot maze.  The design is based on a 16th century English maze garden. It’s fun to try to get to the centre of the maze, around the tall grasses!

Blackrock (19)

The Trails

There are four loop trails that weave through the forests and along the woods roads of the North Mountain.


All trails start and finish at the Black Rock Community and Recreation Centre on the Black Rock Road.

The Bay of Fundy shore trail has 2.5 km on the beaches below the cliffs overlooking the Bay. (This trail can only be hiked near low tide time.)

A longer trail follows Wall Street to where it crosses Murray Brook at its mouth on the Bay then follows Balsor Road before looping back through the forests to the community center.
There are also shorter trails through the woods.


Our Hike

When you arrive at the Black Rock Community Centre, study the map, consider the tide times (which you have checked before you went), and how long you want to hike.

Notice the colour of that trial on the map. From now on, all you have to remember is that colour!
Throughout the trails, there are coloured signs posted EVERYWHERE.

When we go, we normally do the pink trail which is 2.2 km. This is usually as long as we can handle for the complaining!  Although, this summer we will work up to something a bit longer!

Head into the trail and start following all of the pink markers. It’s that easy!


To do this trail with 4 kids, 2 dogs and 3 adults, it took us about 35 minutes.

The trail is very easy to follow.


However, there are a lot of roots, so it is NOT stroller friendly, but definitely toddler friendly!

Last year, the community held a fairy house making day, and some of the remnants can still be found along the trail.

IMG_4637 IMG_4638

We highly recommend this trail, followed by a trip to the shore which is just 5 minutes further down the road from the community centre.

The trails are a great mix of woods, fields and shoreline, depending on the route you take. They are also open year round.


Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


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