Bigelow Trail, Canning

Bigelow Nature Trail, Canning

If you are looking for an easy family walking in all seasons then head to the Bigelow Trail in Canning!

Located behind Glooscap Elementary School on the J. Jordan Road, this is an easy, flat trail good for all ages, dogs and strollers.

When we went to explore the trail on a fall afternoon, we parked in the parking lot below the school and headed past the football field to the back towards the woods.

You will first come across an outdoor fitness centre. This is always a big hit with all ages!


The trail is a loop with several bridges across the centre.

Behind the gym equipment, we took the trail to the left (not straight) and looped around until we were behind NKEC high school, and then ended up behind Glooscap Elementary School.


We walked back through the playground (for some added play time), through the field and back to the car.

This loop took us about 15- 20 minutes to complete.

bigelow trail
According to the Advertiser, the trail, built with accessibility in mind, meanders through fields, wooded areas and the village, ending at Bruce Spicer Park. The approximately seven kilometres of trail extends from the Northeast Kings Education Centre (NKEC) property to Bruce Spicer Park.

However, we did not see a trail that connected to the rest of the town, and I didn’t even know that there was one! So, the next time we go back, we will look for this added piece!

This trail would also be perfect for snowshoeing in the winter!


How to get there

Directions to the Trail: From Highway 101, take Exit 11 and head North on the Greenwich Connector / Highway 358. Continue through the lights (still on highway 358) and pass through the community of Port Williams. Stay on Highway 358 until you come into Canning. Turn left at the junction of Highway 358 and Highway 221 – you are now on Highway 221.

As you travel along Highway 221 take the first road on your right (J.Jordan Road). The Bigelow Nature Trail is located at 969 J. Jordan Road – on the left (adjacent to the football field where the old Cornwallis High School used to be).

If you pass the Glooscap Elementary School or the Glooscap Arena, you have gone too far.

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