Best Burgers in Halifax

Best Burger Joints in Halifax


I know a thing or two about burgers!

This past April, Campaign for Kids, for which I am the communications coordinator, ran a fundraiser called Burger Wars.

We sold 5502 burgers from 23 restaurants, and I took one for the team and ate just about every one of them!

So, I know a thing or two about good burgers!

This summer, we started exploring some burger joints in Halifax and found 2 that we love!


Boom Burger

BOOMburger keeps it simple by offering Burgers and PEI Fries – made FRESH!

“We are a local burger concept restaurant that is dedicated to freshness, local quality ingredients and friendly service. Every burger is made to order with 100% fresh Island beef and served on a bun grilled with COWS CREAMERY butter. Cheeseburgers are topped with award winning COWS CREAMERY Extra Old Cheddar and fresh cut PEI fries are made using only Prince Edward Island potatoes. Come taste the difference that fresh, local quality ingredients make” 

Doesn’t that make your mouth water?


When you go, order one less fries than people.

Your food comes in a paper bag and they always dump more fries in the bag!


You get to order exactly what you want on your burger from a long list of toppings, and they are so good!


Boomburger is found in Halifax off Larry Uteck, and also in Charlottetown on Capital Drive on the “causeway” into Charlottetown.

And, if you have gluten allergies, are on the Keto diet, or trying to cut down a bit, you can have a lettuce bun! 

Lettuce bun at Boom Burger with

More information

Krave Burger

“Got a Kraving? We source ingredients locally and prepare them carefully, so your food is as fresh and tasty as possible. All Beef, No Fillers. We source ingredients locally and prepare them carefully, so your food is as fresh and tasty as possible.”

We discovered Krave Burger quite by chance, and we’ll definitely be back!


When you enter, there are so many interesting and fun burgers to try. You’ll have to go more than once so you can try them all!


All sorts of different toppings are available, including eggs!

Krave Burger sells more than just burgers, so there is something for everyone’s tastes.


Krave Burger is located at 5680 Spring Garden Road in Halifax.

We are really excited to find this place, as it was always hard to find a nice place to eat in downtown Halifax that was affordable and where we could take the kids! This beats all!

Learn more



Next time you are in Halifax, get your Burger On and try one of our favourite burger joints!

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