Bean Casserole

World's easiest and yummiest bean casserole by Valley Family Fun


Bean Casserole

This is such a great casserole for a cold day, served with fresh bread or warm biscuits. Or, enjoy it any time of the year!
It can be cooked all day in the slow cooker, or slowly in the oven.

Bean Casserole
1 Lb browned hamburger (I often leave this out)
½ C chopped onion
1 Large can of baked bean (pork & beans in molasses)
1 Large can lima beans
1 Large can kidney beans
1 Large can black beans
½ C brown sugar
2 Tbsp vinegar
½ C ketchup
1 Tbsp prepared mustard


Mix everything in a large casserole dish, or your slow cooker.


Slowcooker: 8-10 hours on low
Oven: 300 degrees for 1.5hours – 2 hours


Note: this casserole freezers really well IF there are leftovers!




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