Back to School Cookie Exchange

Back to School Cookie Exchange

This is an idea I have been toying with for a few years, so I am glad that I finally got my act together to organize it!

It’s a back-to-school cookie exchange!

Traditionally, we have done cookie exchanges before Christmas. For the most part, I end up eating all the cookies (even frozen from the freezer!) There is always so much food around at Christmas time, and I don’t need to be eating more!

I, along with many of my friends, like to include a homemade cookie in school lunches. So, why not stock your freezer for back-to-school? The instructions were easy. Bake cookies that are nut-free and kid-friendly!


Here’s how I planned and orchestrated the back-to-school exchange:

1. Pick a time and a date. Not everyone is going to be able to make it. I’ve learned to just pick a date and work with who can come rather than to try to accommodate schedules.

2. Send an email to friends. Tell them the date, the idea, and ask who is able to come. Keep track of the responses!

3. A few days before the event send an email to those who positively responded. Let them know how many people are coming and how many cookies they need to bake.

We decided to do 6 cookies per person (rather than a dozen). This is more manageable to bake. We had 9 people so each person brought 4.5dozen cookies. They were instructed to put 6 cookies into 9 ziplock bags. For this exchange, we didn’t mind if they were all the same kind of cookies. The kids won’t care! So, it was pure potluck!


4. Set the cookies out around the table.


5. Have each person walk around the table picking up a bag of each kind of cookie (including their own – just makes it less confusing)

6. Take them home and freeze.

7. Try not to eat them before they get to the kids’ school lunches!

This was a great excuse for a girls’ night out. I had some drinks and snacks and we sat around and caught up. I’ll definitely be doing this next year, too!



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