Aviator’s Ice Cream Shack, Waterville

**This business is now closed**


Aviator’s Ice Cream Shack, Waterville

Aviators *Disclosure: Our family received an ice cream party in exchange for this blog post. All opinions are our own. Honestly, would you say no to that?*

There is a new ice cream shack in town and you need to go check it out!

When Dan and Karen Mullen told me about their new ice cream shack in Waterville, I knew we had to check it out.
There is nothing better than an ice cream on a hot day, and you don’t have to twist my arm to go!

So, when the Aviator’s Ice Cream Shack suggested a family ice cream party, I knew just who to enlist for help.


We loaded the car with our family and my two nieces and headed to the Black Rock Road to find the Aviator’s Ice Cream shack.


The Menu


The Aviator’s Ice Cream Shack serves mostly ice cream, but they do have Jimmie Dogs from Meadowbrook Meat Market on a nicely toasted bun.


Plus, you have the option of having it with both onions and sauerkraut!
We had to try it all!


“The Jimmie dog was delicious with the toasted bun!”

Following lunch, we had the best part – ice cream!

There are so many ways to have ice cream, too from banana splits, smoothies, flurries, milkshakes, sundaes and more!


The kids and I opted for traditional hard-serve ice cream in a home-made waffle cone.


Aviator’s serves Scotsburn ice cream which is a nice treat to the usual Farmer’s ice cream you see most everywhere else. It’s creamy with an extensive list of different flavours!

This was the small size!

This was the small size!

“The ice cream is really good, especially with a waffle cone!”
“The ice cream was really big.”


David opted for the Coke float.


“The fact they use real Coke, and not fountain pop, was a real bonus. She even gave me the rest of the can so I could add more whenever I needed it. That was probably the best restaurant Coke float I’d ever had!”

You can tell by the happy smiles that the kids loved the ice cream!


IMG_6504 IMG_6507


There is no place to sit inside at the Aviator’s Ice Cream Shack but there are several picnic tables and chairs on the lawn. You can sit in a nice shady spot and enjoy your food.


Because Aviator’s is beside the owner’s house, you can visit with all the animals at their hobby farm!


There are chickens.

IMG_6472There are horses.


And there is a great dog named Dozer.

“It has so many animals: horses, chickens and a dog!”

Not to mention a tire swing, too!


There is a washroom on site, too.

Location and Hours

Aviator’s Ice Cream Shack is located at 2124 Black Rock Road. This is between Brooklyn Street and Route 1.

They are open 11:30am – 9pm Monday to Saturday and 1pm – 9pm on Sunday.

Payment is by cash or credit card only. No debit.


While you are in Black Rock, check out the community trails.


Then, head to the Aviator’s Ice Cream Shack for a treat!


Make sure you add the Aviator’s Ice Cream Shack to your bucket list this summer. Better make it an ice cream bucket sized list!



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