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Glazed Fudge Drop Cookies

Glazed Fudge Drop Cookies Some cookies are just ooey-gooey good, and this glazed fudge drop cookie recipe is one of them! When I was a child learning to bake, this was one of the first recipes I learned to make, and I would make them an awful lot! They are quick and easy, and we […]

How To Spot A Family Friendly Neighborhood

How To Spot A Family Friendly Neighborhood Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, written to provide you with some great tips to help you get ready for your next move to a family friendly neighborhood. You’re getting ready to move, and you have little ones, so what’s an obvious concern? A family friendly neighborhood. When […]

Make a Backyard Bug Hotel

Make a Backyard Bug Hotel When we traveled in the UK, almost every park we visited had a bug hotel! They were all constructed a bit differently, but the concept was the same. It was a great place any bug would want to move in to. They all involved tubes, bricks, and lots of natural […]