Are you a Damage Criminal?

Fructis Damage Eraser

Are you a Damage Criminal?

My hair is my defining feature. Everyone knows me as the girl with the red curly hair. I have naturally curly hair and the bigger it is, the better.

My hair colour is also enhanced. I will say no more about that, but there is dye in it and I use the hair dryer daily, so my hair tends to get frizzy and dry. Combine this with being out in the sun a lot; I know my hair is suffering from damage. Although not too bad, I know I am a Damage Criminal!


Because I am a busy mom, and spend far less time on my appearance than I should, I tend to go for the quick and easy products that are low maintenance!

That’s when I sampled the Fructis Damage Eraser products.

I am already a big fan of Garnier Fructis products as I use the environmental Fructis Pure Clean line, and find that their anti-frizz cream is the best product for keeping my hair under control. So, trying the Damage Eraser was not a big leap for me!

The first thing I noticed about the shampoo was the scent. It had a wonderful natural smell of something like mangos or papaya that was refreshing first thing in the morning. It is actually made with a formula containing Phyto-Keratin® Complex with plant based proteins and fruit concentrate and cupuaçu butter.

The conditioner worked instantly. Again, because of having curly hair, I never-ever brush it, and by the end of the day, it’s full of knots. The conditioner took all the knots out instantly, leaving it smooth so I could easily run my fingers through it.

I then tried the Fructis Damage Eraser reparing mask. It is quite thick, but goes on like conditioner. The directions say to leave it on for 3-5 minutes before rinsing. This is when you can do your soaping up or shaving before you rinse it off. Again, after only one use, it made my hair feel smooth.


All day, my hair felt soft, and smooth and light. I went around asking everyone to touch my hair! I really did!

“Your hair is so soft!” “Your hair smells great!”

What appeals to me is that the Fructis Damage Eraser is easy to use and is really low maintenance, so it fits into my routine. Shampoo and condition daily, and use the Fructis Damage Eraser repairing mask once a week. All in the comfort of your shower. No mess, no long wait for results. It’s quick and easy, and I like it!

So, what’s happening behind the scenes?
The fact that I have done damage to my hair through the use of dye and a hair dryer (and an occasional straightener) means that I am definitely a Damage Criminal! Therefore, I am an ideal candidate for the Fructis Damage Eraser product line, as it reconstructs my hair’s strength by 90% from root to tip. This means that I (and other women like me) can still use my favourite styling tools without worry!

So, if you are worried that you might have to lose your style because it is doing damage to your hair, I highly recommend trying out the Fructis Damage Eraser product line!

To learn more about this NEW Fructis Damage Eraser product line by Garnier, visit the website. On the site you will also find coupons so you can try it for yourself!

Your hair will thank you for it!

This post was brought to you by Garnier L’Oreal Canada via SheBlogs. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Garnier L’Oreal Canada

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