How to make aggression cookies with

Aggression Cookies

How to Make Aggression Cookies

How to make aggression cookies with

When my friend Barb showed up with “Aggression Cookies” to our back-to-school cookie exchange, I knew I had to learn more and find out how to make them! 

First, to explain the Back-to-School cookie exchange – every fall, we gather at my house to exchange cookies for school lunches. No nuts. Kid-friendly cookies. 

Who needs cookies at Christmas? I need them for school lunches. It also prevents me from eating them all! 

Learn how to host your own back to school cookie exchange. 

Get ready with back to school with a back to school cookie exchange from

At our cookie exchanges, we always talk about the cookies that we brought. This time, Barb said she brought her mother’s recipe of aggression cookies. 

This of course, lead to a great discussion! 

I asked my friend Google to tell me why they are called aggression cookies. 

According to the many recipes posted online, the name comes from the fact that one can get their aggressions and stress out while making these cookies, the longer you knead the better! Put some serious elbow grease into it.

As soon as you make them, you will understand why. They make A LOT of cookies! 

We tried to make them in the mixer, but it exploded over the top, so you really need to whip and beat them by hand! Channel your inner aggression! 

How to make aggression cookies with

Here’s the recipe, thanks to my friend, Barb. She says,,

“In addition to a family favourite, my mom used to make these to sell at the canteen for the Dartmouth Crusaders swim meets. It supplied both a ton of cookies to sell and a much needed outlet for her.  At any given time there were two of us on the swim team!” 

Aggression Cookies
These cookies make several dozen, so great for a large group!
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  1. 3 C Butter
  2. 3 C Brown Sugar
  3. 6 C Oatmeal
  4. 1 Tb Baking Soda
  5. 3 C Flour
  1. Place all ingredients into a HUGE bowl.
  2. Knead and squeeze until mixed.
  3. Form into small balls and place on a cookie sheet.
  4. Bake 350 for about 12 mins.
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