All Ages Activities in the Valley

8 All-Ages Activities in the Annapolis Valley

Our 18-year-old cousin came to visit. We were wracking our brains.
What activities could we do that would be equally as fun to youth of all ages?
Where could we go that the 5-year-old would find just as fun as the 18-year-old?

We came up with a list of activities that everyone could easily do together.

  1. Trailquest You will be given a code book that outlines the story along with a series of clues and directions that will take you on a walking adventure through a town in the Annapolis Valley. This game is appropriate for anyone aged 6+ as long as they are able to walk the distance. Although children may not understand the clues, they will still have fun searching for the answers.


2. Valley Raceway – Running from June to September, Valley Raceway features stock car racing on the Valley’s only dirt track.

There are 3 different stock car races: The classes are 4 cylinder, 8 cylinder and unlimited.

Stock cars race around the dirt track for the afternoon. Each group races for 10 laps each. This happens twice. Then, for the final 3 races, drivers race 12 laps for a cash prize.

It is located in Melvern Square behind Kingston.
Children under 12 are free.



3. Bowling – Bowling is often a forgotten about activity, but it’s open year-round, and fun for the whole family, and doesn’t matter if you are a good player or not! A list of Valley Bowling allies.


4. Swimming – Valley Family fun has a list of places to swim inside or outside. There are so many places to choose from!
Or, fancy a waterslide, the Valley has those, too. Some have height restrictions, so you might want to check those before you go.


5. Museum Visit –  There are lots of great museums that kids of all ages enjoy. Valley Family Fun has a list of museums in the Valley.

Some favourites include Ross Farm or Memory Lane Train museum in Middleton.


6. Mini Golf –  Who doesn’t love a game of mini golf? There are several places throughout the Valley that offers mini golf. Check one of them out this summer!


7. Amusement Parks – Theme parks offer something for everyone.

Don’t just think Upper Clements Park! There is also Action Jax in Annapolis and the Windsor Playland. Family fun for everyone!


8. Clayground –  Paint your own pottery, fuse your own glass creation or stuff a bear! It’s all possible at the Clayground Studio in Wolfville.

No talent is necessary, so it’s another great activity for all ages!


9. Hiking –  We are so lucky to be so close to so many incredible trails!

There are trails that are accessible to all ages and abilities. Valley Family Fun has a full list along with lots of reviews. Check one out today.

What else is on your list for all-ages activities?


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