Admiral Digby Museum

Admiral Digby Museum


Right in the heart of downtown Digby is the Admiral Digby Museum paying homage to the history of the town.

Here’s what the website says

Housed in a mid 1800s Georgian home, the museum features period rooms containing artifacts, and archives that relate to the interesting Maritime & Pioneer history of Digby/Digby County, its people and industries.


Explore the Town or County history or research your own Digby County roots in our Genealogy Department.

Our Visit

My father grew up in Digby. In fact, his house was a stone’s throw away from the museum. He remembers being in this building before, but when it was a house. So, when we were last in Digby, we decided to check it out with him.

We decided upon the guided tour of the museum, just so we wouldn’t miss anything as we went through.

There are scavenger hunts for the kids, but this time, they just chose to listen and wander through.


There were so many interesting exhibits to see and stories to hear.

About Digby’s scallop fishing industry.


And listening to an old gramophone recording.


Our favourite was the textile room and learning about Victoria fashion and the extremes to which women went to be beautiful!


What’s great about the museum is that many of the exhibits have QR codes with them, so you can scan them with your phone to learn even more about the displays!


It took us about 45 minutes to go through the museum.

Hours and Admission


Admission to the museum is by free-will offering. This is how museums such as this can exist, so please be generous!

The next time you are strolling through Digby, take time to stop in and discover the hidden treasures and stories at the Admiral Digby Museum!


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