9 Hand Print and Photo Christmas Ornaments

9 Photo and Hand Print Ornaments

Every year for Christmas, I make a different ornament for the tree that uses the boys’ pictures.
I am not crafty. At all.
My crafts look like a 5 year old made them.

So, I always look for easy crafts that I think I can handle.
If I can handle these ones, so can you!

Felt Hand Prints

Cut out 2 hand prints from felt.
Cut a window the same size as the photo.
Glue the picture to one of the hands, gluing the second hand over top.
Write on the date.

Clear Balls with Metallic Thread

Print out pictures (I included the date) on photo paper.
Take the lid off a glass or plastic ornament.
Gently roll the photo up into a tube and put it into the ball.
Using a chopstick or other device, unroll the paper.
Fill the ornament with metallic thread, or any other filler you can find.


Photos on Wooden Ornaments

Find wooden ornaments at a craft store.
Print and cut pictures on paper, to size.
Glue onto the wooden ornament.
Paint over it with modge podge to set the picture and to make it glossy.

Wooden Block

I found small wooden blocks in a craft shop.
Print pictures on paper that are the same size as the face of the block. This was the hardest part.
Glue the pictures on with craft glue.
Paint over the pictures with modge podge (found in a craft store). This will set the photo and make it look glossy.
Put a hook and eye on the top, and string it.



All the instructions are here on Pinterest

Take a side-on photo of your child and upload it into the free program mentioned on this website.
The website takes you through a step-by-step tutorial on how to blacken out the picture.
Print off the picture and glue it onto a wooden ornament (found in a craft store).
Paint over this with modge podge to set the picture and make it glossy.

Cookie Cutters

I took a picture of the boys in a wide arm and wide leg stance (much like the shape of a gingerbread man).
Print off the pictures so they are roughly the same size as the cookie cutter. This is the hardest part.
Glue the pictures onto cardboard and cut to fit the cookie cutters.
Gently slide the photo into the cookie cutter.


Cut out a round photograph of your child. This is the base of the snowman.
Cut a second circle from white paper and decorate it like the face of a snowman.
Attach the two pieces with a pipecleaner.

Paper Hand prints

Trace your child’s hand print onto a clear piece of paper.
Write the name, age and date.
Paint over the picture with vegetable oil.
Let dry and attach a string.
It will shine and be glossy in the light of the trees.

Photo Garland


All the directions are found on Pinterest.
Print off strips of paper with photos on it.
Attach them like a ball, using a fastener paper clip.
Attach a ribbon at the top.

This was by far the hardest craft. It was difficult to get it to line up, and then to store it so it doesn’t get squished.

What other personalized ornaments have you made?

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