7 countries you wouldn’t expect to offer amazing family entertainment

7 countries you wouldn’t expect to offer amazing family entertainment

*Disclosure: This is a guest post to help encourage your family to do some traveling! After living overseas with my family for 4 months now, I can definitely attest to the benefit!*

Family holidays are great fun, but notoriously tricky to plan. You’ve got to keep loved ones of all ages happy and entertained. It’s no easy task. Fortunately, around the world, there are some great hubs for family entertainment. We’ve picked seven of our favourite countries to consider for your next family holiday:


  1. Rome, Italy


Make history come to life for your children with a visit to Rome. Visit places like the Colosseum’s maze of tunnels, passages, and chambers underneath the main arena floor. You can tell them it’s where gladiators and wild animals waited before the confrontations above. Stories like this will bring the trip to life, but it does require a bit of effort from you – or a tour guide.


If you need a break after the city, you could always extend your holiday with a few days in Sicily to relax.


  1. Canada


For any family keen on adventures, Canada is a dream location. From kid-centric attractions in Vancouver’s Granville Island and Stanley Park – including Vancouver Aquarium, four playgrounds, an outdoor water park and a miniature train – to the beautiful Jasper National Park, you’ll find something to keep everyone happy.

7 Countries you wouldn't expect to find family fun by www.ValleyFamilyFun.ca


  1. Dubai


When you think of Dubai, you’re probably more likely to think of business opportunity than family holidays. But it’s got a lot to offer families. As just one example of what you can get up to, the Secret Traveller says, strap yourself in and hold on tight for a bumpy but beautiful adventure across the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.


Here, you can “crisscross the dunes and take in the stark, stunning Arabian scenery from the air-conditioned comfort of a 4WD, before climbing atop a ship of the desert for a guided camel trek.”


  1. Lapland


You might dismiss Lapland as somewhere that just offers Christmas appeal – but throughout the year, it’s a great destination for families. In fact, it makes The Telegraph’s list of bucket list holidays to take your family on. You can see one of nature’s greatest displays, the Northern Lights, before heading off on a snow safari. What’s not to love?


  1. Northern Colorado, US


Did you ever dream of being a cowboy or girl when you were younger? In Northern Colorado, the whole family can have a go in the saddle and embrace ranch life. If they’re not tired after a day’s activities, an evening square dancing and singing around the campfire is sure to send your kids to sleep for a peaceful night’s rest.


  1. Montenegro


If you’re looking for all the elements of a good summer holiday – namely excellent weather and sandy beaches – but without the crowds, Montenegro is your answer. In addition to crystal-clear 300km-long coastlines, it’s full of medieval towns to explore. If you want to get your whole family excited, check out these amazing photos and reasons.


  1. Cornwall


Last but not least, we’ve got a family-favourite UK destination. Rather than giving in to the temptation of London, head to this part of the UK and enjoy picturesque fishing villages and harbour towns. There’s even a unique amphitheatre set into the cliffs which puts on plays and hosts music concerts. And, of course, no visit to Cornwall is complete without trying a Cornish pasty and some fish and chips.


7 Countries you wouldn't expect to find family fun by www.ValleyFamilyFun.ca


Where have you visited as a family? Share your recommendations with us.



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