5 Valid Reasons to spy on your kid's cell phone activity with www.ValleyFamilyFun.ca #Sponsored

5 Valid Reasons to Spy on your Kid’s Cell Phone Activity

5 Valid Reasons to Spy on your Kid’s Cell Phone Activity

5 Valid Reasons to spy on your kid's cell phone activity with www.ValleyFamilyFun.ca #Sponsored

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with content supplied by a third party listing reasons to spy on your kid’s cell phone activity. The message is important. 

You often provide your kid with a cell phone to keep in touch and reach out in case of emergency. While the cell phone is a portable source of communication, it also exposes your kid to inappropriate communications and objectionable web searches.

No matter how open you are with your kids and you might think they share everything with you, there can be a few things your kid might hesitate to share.

After all, kids are kids and they are not mature enough to predict the outcomes of misusing cell phones.

Spying may sound unethical, but here are some valid reasons to spy your kid as a responsible parent:


1.     Save Your Child From Sexual Predators:

There are many people on social media with fake identities. They are not who they claim to be. So it’s really essential to keep an eye on your child’s connections on social media and phone. Many online sexual predators appear to be physically attractive. They target the kids who talk about sex or are involved in some kind of sexual activity online.

Predators usually communicate with kids through private messages and ask for friendship.

After some time, they may send exposed or nude photos of themselves and ask the kid to do so. Kids, being immature, may find this enticing and predators convince them to meet personally. The statistics show that 1 in 25 kids get sexual solicitation online where the predator wants to meet in-person. Beware! Predators are out there and your child can be the next victim.

2.     Prevent Them From Cyber Bullying:

Many of the kids suffer from cyberbullying. They are bullied on social networks, chatting platforms or through text messages by the people they know or may not know. The effects can range from loss of self-confidence to suicide.

About 43% of kids have been cyberbullied online and over 25% of adolescents have been cyberbullied repeatedly on their smart phones.

Also, the kids being cyberbullied are 2 to 9 times more likely to commit suicide. You don’t want your child to be cyberbullied or to be a cyber bully. Hence, it’s a serious issue that can be prevented through monitoring your kid’s cell phone.

3.     Prevent Their Exposure to Inappropriate Content:

Your kids are exposed to inappropriate and sexual content every day through social media and Google. In fact, the internet is full of all types of information but not everything is educational and informational or in any way appropriate for your kids. By monitoring the type of content your kid browses, you can prevent him from seeing unsuitable content. You surely don’t want your kid to be exposed to adult or sexual content at a very early age. You can restrict their search through parental control settings.

4.     Make Sure Your Kid isn’t Going Down a Criminal Path:

By monitoring your child’s technology use, you can make sure he is not going down a criminal path, such as drug dealing, fighting, stealing, making threats and drug use and other illegal activities. Keeping a check on your kid’s cell phone through keylogger will not only protect him but others as well. This KidSecured App will allow you to monitor his text messages so you can save him from toxic connections.

5.     Protect Them From Cyber Identity Theft:

As parents, you should know how much personal information your kid shares on social media and with whom. Cyber criminals steal identities from social media sites and use them in cybercrimes. Millions of kids had their identity stolen in the past few years, and around half of them were under six years of age. Keeping an eye on your kid’s smartphone will reveal how much personal data he shares online, so you can restrict the information vulnerable to identity theft.  

Keep your kids safe by checking on them! 






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