5 Thanksgiving Name Cards

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5 Thanksgiving Name Cards

Every year we have a big family gathering for Thanksgiving. I always have the boys make name cards for the table. It started as a craft activity when they were younger – learning to cut, glue, and playing with paint. As they got older, it was a way for them to practice their printing.

Because we usually have around 20 people for dinner, we usually start making the name cards at least a week in advance as the kids get tired quickly!

I am NOT crafty at all. So, these are quick and easy crafts that anyone should be able to handle!

Here are 5 ways to make Thanksgiving name cards:

Turkey Apple


Cut out tail feathers from a variety of colours of construction paper.

Write the person’s name on one of the tail feathers.

Cut out a turkey head from a different colour of construction paper. Draw on an eye, or use googly eyes.

With a sharp knife, make a slit in the apple and stick in the head and tail feathers.

Fall leaves


Collect coloured fall leaves – enough for one per person

Cut small slips of paper (or use labels) and write the name of each person on the slips of paper.

Cut a piece of waxed paper slightly bigger than the leaf.

Place the leaf on the waxed paper (waxy side up) and put the name tag on top of the leaf.

Cut another piece of waxed paper the same size as the first, and place it over top of the leaf (waxy side down).

Place the waxed paper-leaf-waxed paper stack on top of a hand towel.

Place another hand towel over top of the stack.

With a warm iron, iron the stack through the towels. This should melt the wax of the waxed paper, and cause it to stick together.

Trim around the leaf if you want. After you trim it, you might need to re-seal the edges by ironing it again.

Hand-shaped Turkey


Trace your child’s hand on a clear piece of paper. I personally LOVE the look of a baby’s hand with this craft!

When you trace the hand, try to have the 4 fingers together and the thumb slightly separated.

On the thumb, draw an eye (or use a googly eye) and a waddle.

On the tips of the finger, colour stripes of red, orange and yellow with crayon.

Cut out the hand.

Write the person’s name on the turkey



Cut two leaves out of green construction paper.

Cut a cob-like shape out of yellow construction paper.

Set out brown paint. Have kids dip their fingers into the paint and make “dots” all over the yellow corn shape. This will be like the kernels on the cob.

Write the person’s name on the yellow cob.

Glue the leaves behind the cob.

Painted Turkeys


Set out red paint and yellow paint.

With a sponge or brush, paint one hand red and the other yellow. (OR, paint both hands red, and when that dries, paint both hands yellow and layer over top)

Press the hands, side-by-side, on the piece of paper to look like tail feathers.

Let dry.

Paint the bottom of the child’s foot with brown paint.

Press his foot down over top of the painted (dry) hand prints.

Add eyes and any other details.

Write the person’s name on the paper.

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