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3 Sons Steakhouse in New Minas - Review by Valley Family Fun



3 Sons Steakhouse in New Minas:

Great Family Dining!

3 Sons Steakhouse is located in New Minas off Highway 101 at Exit 12, across from the Irving gas station. For those who like “Valley directions,” it is where Smitty’s used to be!

I had been to 3 Sons a couple of times before with friends, but never with the kids. It wasn’t that I wouldn’t take the kids there, it’s just – who doesn’t enjoy a meal out without the kids?

So, when I started to coupon give-aways for 3 Sons Steakhouse, people would ask me if it was good for kids. I didn’t know yet! So, the owner Rob Graves and worked out a deal so that our family would come in for a meal so that I could tell you about our experiences!

The first thing you need to know is that although the name is 3 Sons Steakhouse, they serve food other than steak!

We’ve had a hard time convincing family members about this – even after they’ve been there! Some people have preconceived notions, but don’t!

They have fish and chips, fish, pork, chicken, vegetarian and gluten-free options, a kids’ menu and more! Check out their menu!

When we went to 3 Sons we had our two boys and their little cousins (aged1 and 4) who were visiting from England. This would certainly put the restaurant to the kid test!

When we arrived, we were immediately greeted and well-taken care of by the extremely friendly staff.

The atmosphere is kid-friendly. There are booster seats, high chairs, and have no carpet. This was always a must when our kids were little for the amount of food they threw on the floor!

Best of all, there was brown paper on the tables and the kids could draw on it until the food came. There were also activity sheets for them to do to keep them waiting patiently.

3 Sons Steakhouse has a great salad bar. Depending on the type of meal you order, you can add the salad bar to your meal for a certain amount. The salad bar comes with salad, of course, but a homemade soup, and warm bread sticks!


I have ordered the salad bar a couple of times, and each time I am so full and keep telling myself to just get the salad bar the next time. But, I always forget because everything looks so good!

Our meals came quickly. The presentation was beautiful. The best part, I think, is how the French fries come in these individual wicker baskets.


The food was great and the portion size was perfect – especially for the kids’ meals.

The kids’ meals came with a drink, main course and then a choice of dessert. Thomas went for the ice cream sundae while his cousin went for the oranges.

IMG_4660 IMG_4659


For the adults on the list, they have a perfect bite-sized dessert called the 99cent Brownie. For only 99cents you get brownies, icecream and sauce. It’s the perfect way to cap off a meal!

3 Sons Steakhouse in New Minas is a definite family-friendly restaurant. The prices are reasonable, the food is great, and the atmosphere is great for kids!

But, you don’t have to take my word for it!

Here’s what Daniel (7) said: It was really fun. I really liked the food. I ate fish and chips. Mom got too much food! Most of the food came in little baskets. The food was great. They were very nice. I watched the World Cup most of the time. I would like to go back there again. And 50 more times again.
And 10 more times again.
Then 3 more.
I think other kids would like to go there because you can colour on the table and the food is great!
I think it was really awesome because the food was,

GREAT! Laughing

Here’s what Thomas (6) said: It was really fun because you got to colour on the table. I liked the food a lot. I ordered a cheese pizza. I coloured on the table while I waited for the food to come. I loved colouring on the worksheets.
I liked my mom’s breadsticks. I liked the ice cream sundae for dessert.

Keep watching Social Media for your chance to win a coupon from me!

Hope to see you at 3 Sons Steakhouse soon!

*I was not compensated for this post, but our family did receive a meal so that I could tell you all about it*

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