Follow the adventure to solve the clues and crack the mystery


Available Games

Kentville – Dr. Plasma’s Time Machine. Enjoy this 1-2 hour walk through Kentville, following directions to solve the mystery.

How to Play TrailQuest

You will be given a code book that outlines the story along with a series of clues and directions that will take you on a walking adventure through a town in the Annapolis Valley.

You do not need a map to play the game, as all directions are given directly in the clues. You will not need to enter any private property or pay any admission fees, so the game can be played any day, any time of the year! All the clues are part of the permanent structures of the town.

Solve the clues to complete the mission.

When you Finish

When you have cracked the code, email in your answer for your chance to win the monthly prize!

Email the final answer to along with your individual identification number that was emailed to you along with your booklet.

Everyone with a correct answer will be entered into the prize draw for that month. By answering the bonus questions, you will receive another ballot.

See below for details of this month’s prize draw.

Only those with a personal identification number are eligible for the monthly draw.

Time and Location

The trail covers approximately 2 km of terrain and takes between 1 – 2 hours to complete, depending on how fast you walk, and how much time you take to enjoy the area. The trails are accessible for those with mobility issues.


This game is appropriate for anyone aged 6+ as long as they are able to walk the distance. Although children may not understand the clues, they will still have fun searching for the answers.

Buy Now

To purchase a TrailQuest,

  1. Complete the form at the bottom of the page.
  2. Then, send an e-transfer to
    Not sure how to send an etransfer? Watch this video. OR read this HOW TO.

Once payment is received, you will receive a PDF copy of the booklet along with a personal identification number. This personal identification number is essential for winning the monthly prize draw.

$10 PDF copy of code book

$12 pick up a pre-printed booklet in Kentville

$15 have a pre-printed booklet mailed to you

(Other payment options can be arranged)


Printing your Code Book

There are several ways to print your code book.

  1. Mobile version – request a file that can be read on your mobile. You will still need to print the final page to record your answers, but the rest can be read and followed on your mobile.
  2. Print single-sided – Print the 5 sheets and assemble it as a booklet. Need help figuring out how to put
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